Lego Party


Imagine, the scene, you are in a a location of your choice, and then we come along with LOTS AND LOTS OF LEGO®!!

Thats not it – of course thats not it! We also bring the special boy/girl a LEGO® gift, and something small for everyone else! All wrapped, obviously!


So what do we do? Apart from steal the cake (obviously we don’t do that), well it depends really, everyone has different requests, but the average party goes a bit like this…


OK, so depending on your request, 1 or 2 ‘Big Kidz’ show up at your location, and start by getting to know the kids. We start with ‘Name Games’, and some stickers, so that everyone knows who everyone else is! We then play a quick game of guess the ‘Number of Bricks’ in the jar, with the winner getting some sweets (what else).

After this, we give the special boy/girl a LEGO® Present, and then start the ‘Big Build’. This bit is completely up to the special boy/girl, and could be anything from a zebra to a rocket!

Once the ‘Big Build’ project has been built, we let everyone take pictures, and then smash it down!! Every kid then helps tidy up, in return for a small gift!

That’s about it! Why don’t you tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll see what we can do:

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LEGO Canada

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